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Permanent Recruitment

Tech recruitment across industries and regions with a focus on diversity and inclusion.


Flexible and cost-effective staffing solutions sourcing high-quality talent for your organisation’s temporary needs.

Executive Search

Contingent tech executive search for all corporate functions across the tech industry.

Total Rewards Consulting

Specialised services in compensation plans design, market research and stock options distribution plans.

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Our mission is to connect people and make a meaningful impact in the growth of organisations and ecosystems.

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Our Expertise

Our tech recruitment agency experts focus on the following key areas:

Our extensive network of Cloud, DevOps and SRE professionals allows us to find you the right candidate whether you are using a public cloud, a private cloud, or on-premises infrastructure.

From more traditional vendors such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics to the newest kids on the block, like Workday, it can be challenging to find the right talent to implement or maintain your preferred ERP or CRM. Our team can help you find the right talent, whether you are looking to hire for a permanent role or a temporary solution.

With positions across start-ups, tech companies and traditional sectors such as banking, insurance, manufacturing or logistics, we deep dive into your software engineering culture and technical requirements so that we can introduce you to developers and engineering leaders that align with your values and are specialised in the right technology stacks.

Whether you are looking for an expert in computer vision, natural language processing, speech technologies or data science, our team understands the nuances of the different roles within the AI space.

If you are looking to hire an expert in the processes and tools used to collect, analyse, and gain insights from data to support decision-making and improve business performance, our team has the right network to help you with your hiring needs.

It is not that simple to find and hire product managers or UX/UI designers capable of identifying user needs and designing products that meet their needs while ensuring they are viable, desirable, and feasible to bring to market. We have strong relationships with product leaders, managers and designers that will add significant value to your team.

If you are looking for Program Managers, Project Managers or someone to coach your teams to work collaboratively and efficiently using Agile methodologies, count on our expertise and global network to find the best fit for your organisation.

Our discreet and thorough approach will assist you in locating the ideal CEO that will take your organisation to the next level, the CFO that will help you navigate your next funding round and prepare your IPO journey, the VP of People that will propel your company to new heights or the CTO that will ensure you keep your competitive advantage using state-of-the-art technology.

Diversity Statement

We are strongly committed to diversity and representation. Our recruitment process is inclusive and borderless, prioritising talent acquisition based on skills and character.

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